Water Features

Water has been used as a feature since the very first pleasure gardens were created over a thousand years ago, and with modern electric pumps and lining materials we can exploit water in ways which were almost impossible untill a few years ago. Still or slow moving water can create an atmosphere of calm contemplation and relaxation whilst fast flowing water features add movement, sound and an air of excitement!

With many years of experience creating features ranging from 18 inch bubble pools to ponds in excess of thirty feet long, you can be sure that whatever the size or style of your project the results will be superb.

We can revitalize existing ponds by adding the drama of a cascade or installing filtration to improve water quality and clarity. We also maintain ponds, our spring cleaning package which includes a pond vacuum clean, filter and pump service, check/repot aquatic plants and water quality test.

Children and water: Whilst we can design "child friendly" water features it is essential to remember that any water feature is potentially extremely hazardous to young children! Children should always be supervised when near water.

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